Asset Optimization

Make every bit count

The majority of traffic consists of images and video. They have an outsized impact on your stores performance and therefore your business metrics.

For a healthy store

Not even one image

In 2021 the mobile share of total ecommerce sales rose to 72.9%. Mobile accounts for the majority of traffic overall. And Google ranks your store based on your stores performance on mobile. You can not use unoptimized assets anymore, they are hurting your bottom line big time.

Size reduction of often up to 90%

Incredible reductions are regularly archived.

No visual difference

Maintain high quality while reducing asset size.

The best formats available

Use next-gen formats like AVIF, JPEG-XL and WEBM.

Videos & Images

Get all your most important assets reduced to incredible sizes.

Get precise statistics about the archieved reduction

Know what you got and how much you saved.

Get precise statistics about store performance improvements

Know about the effect the changes had on your store and business metrics.

Compatible to all major browsers

Compatibility is major consideration that is addresses through the delivery of various formats.

Bring your store up to speed

Don't let unoptimized assets ruin your business goals.

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Asset optimization is a topic not all store owners have had contact with so far and most have a lot of questions. Here are the most common ones.

Is a small asset size really that important?

Yes, because performance is and the size of your assets has a huge influence on your store loading speed and therefore on how many customers convert, how many bounce, how many come back and how much they buy among many other things.

How much could I actually save?

In general this depends largely on what type of assets you use, how well they are customized, the complexity of the assets (how well it responds to certain types of compression algorithms) and its placement. With unoptimized assets reductions of 50-90% in file size are not uncommon and depending on how asset heavy the store is, the performance gains could be huge.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is due 100% upfront upon having reached an agreement.

All prices are fixed prices and you won't pay a nickle more.