The same all new

Make your existing Shopify store headless and accelerate your business outcomes.

Same design, different results

A seamless upgrade

Move your existing store over. No design reviews, no workshops, just innovation.

Blazing Fast

Best-in-class performance and served via a global CDN ensuring always the best connection.

Accelerate Revenue

Higher growth, higher conversions, and higher customer satisfaction.

Unlimited Scalability

The static store frontend is distributed worldwide through global CDNs. Fear of traffic spikes is a thing of the past.

Use omnichannels to sell products

Instagram, Facebook, a mobile app, you name it. Shopify can be used for an incredible range of channels.

No need to migrate your product catalog

Nothing changes in Shopify's backend.

Boost Conversions

A faster store means more conversions, allowing you to expand your margins.

Advanced Security

Serverless technology makes your store frontend impenetrable for automated & manual attacks.

Clear ROI

Your store is a profit center and an investment into headless provides a clear return based on your business metrics.

Get your store into the new decade

Schedule a call now and let's discuss all the details.

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Frequently asked questions

Migrating to a new frontend is an exciting journey for you, your content team, and all other parties involved. There are a couple of common questions that come up again and again.

Will plugin xy work?

This depends on the plugin. In general Shopify's plugin ecosystem is catching up with Headless. Most plugins for the checkout and for the Shopify backend should work without issues. When in doubt, best reach out to the plugin maintainers. Almost everything can be replicated with a custom storefront, especially wide-spread integrations like Klaviyo. Shopify just recently introduced far-reaching changes to better support custom storefronts. You can find their collection of compatible plugins here: https://apps.shopify.com/collections/custom-storefront-apps

Where can I learn more about the benefits of a custom storefront with Gatsby?

This guide we put together should be a good starting point: "Why Headless"

Besides this you should really look into this study by Google & Deloitte:

"Milliseconds Make Millions"

What are the payment terms?

Payment is due 100% upfront upon having reached an agreement.

All prices are fixed prices and you won't pay a nickle more.