Shopify Plus - The future of Ecommerce

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Shopify Plus - The future of Ecommerce
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Shopify Plus’ annual report on global commerce trends is not to be confused with the general 2021 "The Future of Ecommerce" Report on ecommerce by Shopify. It is made up of 5 key trends. The report provides a great insights about how the pandemic changed the playing field, what the explosive growth means for competition and actionable advise on how you might respond to the new challenges and opportunities.

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The pandemic has left an enduring mark on the consumer landscape. Years of change have happened in weeks: Offline spending shifted online. Products rarely bought online are now ecommerce staples. And immediacy, convenience, and speed are top consumer demands. This is the new normal.

Key Takeaways
  • The pandemic compressed years of growth into just weeks

  • Record ecommerce competition fueled by legacy wholesalers, global retail giants, and products traditionally not purchased online

  • Many new competitors can't compete on customer experience

  • Today’s brand has a four-pronged fulfillment mandate: fast, free, sustainable, and branded shipping

  • Half of all global ecommerce sales occur on marketplaces, where consumers search for solutions rather than brands

  • Customer acquisition costs are increasing worldwide across channels, with rates on Facebook rebounding to pre-pandemic highs

  • The pandemic has amplified the consumer’s desire for convenience and immediacy