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Speed past competitors

The industry has changed dramatically and existing trends have been accelerated.

Disrupt or be disrupted

The competition in ecommerce is heating up. Covid-19 has brought unbelievable growth and store metrics like performance that determine conversion rates are more important than ever.

For SEO your store has to be fast

Google has an overwhelming dominance in the search engine market: 81 percent market share on desktop and 94 percent on mobile. Through their recent inclusion of web vitals as ranking signals & mobile-first indexing, performance has become more important than ever.

50% of global ecommerce sales happen on mobile devices

A lightning-fast mobile experience is a must for high conversion rates.

"Milliseconds Make Millions"

A 100ms improvement in page speed can lead to 8% more conversions. Performance is determining business outcomes.

“The pandemic has left an enduring mark on the consumer landscape. Years of change have happened in weeks: Offline spending shifted online. Products rarely bought online are now ecommerce staples. And immediacy, convenience, and speed are top consumer demands. This is the new normal.”

The Future of Ecommerce Report 2021


Everything you need to be successful

Headless Commerce allows you to skyrocket all your business outcomes.

Blazing Fast

Best-in-class performance and served via a global CDN ensuring always the best connection.

Accelerate Revenue

Higher growth, higher conversions, and higher customer satisfaction.

Boost Conversions

A faster store means more conversions, allowing you to expand your margins.

Unlimited Scalability

The static store frontend is distributed worldwide through global CDNs. Fear of traffic spikes is a thing of the past.

Advanced Security

Serverless technology makes your store frontend impenetrable for automated & manual attacks.

Clear ROI

Your store is a profit center and an investment into headless provides a clear return based on your business metrics.

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