Case StudySafeguarding Business Results of one of Canada's Largest eCommerce Brands: Enhancing Stability with Monitoring, Redundancy, and Automated User Flow Testing

IDrinkCoffee, a prominent figure in Canada's eCommerce realm, has etched its position as not only one of the nation's largest eCommerce companies but also the unequivocal market leader in the coffee and espresso machine sector. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has curated an extensive product catalog comprising several thousand items, attracting hundreds of thousands of customers to its comprehensive online platform.

The Importance of Safeguarding Business Results

Development, maintenance, and continuous optimization of platforms are undoubtedly critical aspects of a successful eCommerce venture. However, these efforts alone do not paint the complete picture. Once all the elements for success are in place, it becomes imperative to ensure the ongoing, smooth operation of the business. This involves proactive measures to anticipate and address both anticipated and unforeseen technical issues. These issues can arise within the client's systems or even within third-party systems like hosting providers.

At Kasayo, our partnership with IDrinkCoffee extends beyond development and maintenance. We are fully dedicated to safeguarding the remarkable business outcomes that IDC continuously achieves. Given the substantial scale of IDC's platform, even minor instances of downtime, disruptions, or breakages can have profound implications. Such incidents can lead to missed revenue opportunities and negatively impact the brand's perception among customers.

By prioritizing business continuity and planning for potential challenges, IDrinkCoffee has solidified its position as a leader in the Canadian eCommerce landscape.

In the subsequent sections of this case study, we will delve into the systems that IDC, with our assistance, has put in place. These systems not only enhance the overall business performance but also provide a shield against potential disruptions, thereby preserving and elevating IDC's business achievements.


Identifying Key Page Types and User Flows

The first step in the preparation journey involved identifying key page types essential to IDC's platform. These encompassed critical elements such as product pages, diverse landing pages, and indispensable cart and account pages. This preliminary exploration paved the way for a comprehensive monitoring and safeguarding of the platform's workings.

Unveiling Key User Flows

Understanding user behavior was equally paramount. By meticulously sketching out the most common user journeys and flows, IDrinkCoffee and Kasayo gained insight into the paths users typically traverse. A quintessential example is the user's journey from landing on a page, navigating through product categories, adding items to the cart, adapting cart items, and eventually proceeding to checkout. This exploration unraveled user interactions, forming the basis for robust system design.

Crafting Specialized Sales Channels

Recognizing the need of optimizing development and therefore debugging speed for efficient incident responses, Kasayo implemented specialized sales channels. These channels presented varying subsets of the product catalog, catering to the requirements of frontend systems like GatsbyJS. This optimization is particularly crucial for large platforms with extensive page or product catalogs. Moreover, this approach inadvertently boosts overall Developer Experience (DX) for development scenarios where a subset of the product catalog suffices.

Proactive Incident Handling and Forward-Looking Planning

At Kasayo, we believe in proactive strategies and forward-looking planning to ensure the robustness of our partners' platforms. In collaboration with IDrinkCoffee, we engaged in comprehensive preparation that encompasses various aspects of safeguarding business results:

Proactive Incident Response Planning

We meticulously analyzed historical platform outages to extract valuable insights. Armed with this knowledge, we identified common incident scenarios. This understanding led us to develop meticulous incident response plans, enabling rapid and effective handling of disruptions. By assessing the gaps between current systems and our desired failsafe state, we precisely determined the additional measures required.

Anticipating Future Scenarios

Our approach extends beyond immediate challenges. We took a proactive stance, envisioning potential scenarios that might arise in the future. This foresight empowered us to be prepared for challenges before they even manifest.

Strategic Deployment Planning for Special Occasions

For critical events like Black Friday sales, we adopted a thorough approach. We curated comprehensive deployment plans for significant feature releases during peak traffic periods. These plans encompassed every detail, from successful deployment steps to strategies for countering potential failures. We also factored in responses to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring seamless rollouts during pivotal moments.

Robust Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

We understand the importance of continuous oversight. Thus, we planned and implemented systems for real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, and rapid rollbacks. These mechanisms allowed us to promptly identify anomalies and deviations and take swift corrective action, ensuring platform stability.

Kasayo's commitment to proactive incident response, forward-thinking scenario analysis, meticulous deployment planning, and comprehensive monitoring systems enhances our partners' resilience, as exemplified by IDrinkCoffee. Our approach not only ensures a robust platform but also empowers us to navigate uncertainties with agility and effectiveness.

Creating Redundancy: Strengthening Against Disruption

A critical element of our preparation strategy involves building redundancy – a resilient shield against disruptions. We worked closely with IDrinkCoffee to carefully design redundancy measures that reinforce their business outcomes:

Establishing Additional Deployment Pipelines

Our approach included setting up extra deployment pipelines that consistently mirrored the production environment. This redundancy added a layer of continuity to operations. By diversifying providers for these pipelines, we intelligently fortified our capacity to handle challenges. In situations where hosting or build pipeline providers faced outages, our diversified infrastructure significantly reduced the risk of simultaneous major incidents.

Improved Incident Identification and Resolution

The presence of multiple deployment pipelines not only heightened reliability but also enhanced our ability to spot and address incidents. When disruptions occurred, our real-time monitoring highlighted disparities between providers. This contrast allowed for swift problem diagnosis, enabling us to take prompt corrective action.

Smooth Transition to Backup Pipelines

Preparation extended to crafting comprehensive plans for seamlessly transitioning to backup pipelines during disruptions. These pragmatic plans were put into action, effectively preventing prolonged and severe outages. By swiftly switching to backup pipelines, we successfully circumvented potential damages that could have affected IDC's operations.

We're proud to affirm that we've already put these failsafes into action for IDC, successfully preventing long and severe outages that could have otherwise inflicted significant damage.


In the pursuit of a resilient eCommerce platform, the timely identification and resolution of issues hold significant value. In collaboration with IDrinkCoffee, Kasayo has instituted real-time monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of the platform. Here's a closer look at our methodology.

Seamless Real-Time Monitoring

Our approach involves the integration of real-time monitoring for all vital page types, utilizing Kasayo's infrastructure. This practical solution minimizes maintenance obligations for the client while enhancing the efficiency of issue detection.

We extend our monitoring initiatives across both the production environment and our failback systems. This comprehensive approach offers us insights into the overall health of the platform, helping us identify potential problems early.

At 60-second intervals, we assess the functionality of key platform components. In cases of repeated test failures, our system promptly triggers alarms and corrective measures to address potential issues in a timely manner.

Immediate Notifications, Swift Solutions

When specific page types experience timeouts, our internal monitoring channels at Kasayo receive instant alerts. In mere minutes, dedicated team members investigate the issue, initiate communication with the client and start to mitigation.

Automated User Flow Testing

Beyond real-time monitoring, Kasayo adopted automated user flow testing to guarantee the working of the most crucial user flows (e.g. a user being able to visit the product page, adding to cart, and then navigating to the checkout) on IDrinkCoffee's eCommerce platform. Here's how we accomplish this.

Leveraging GitHub Actions & Cypress

We utilize the power of GitHub Actions and Cypress to automate testing for critical user flows, including the checkout process. Our tests span the live site and our secondary fallback pipelines, providing comprehensive coverage.

For JAMStack sites like those built with GatsbyJS, our technical guide on End-To-End Testing [LINK HERE] details our setup extensively.

In the event of a user flow test failure, relevant communication channels are alerted, and a dedicated Kasayo team member is assigned to address the issue swiftly.

Monitoring the Monitors

We employ heartbeat monitoring to ensure the continuous execution of GitHub actions for automated user flow testing. If the scripts fail to report back within the expected time frame, alarms are activated, prompting necessary actions.

By integrating automated user flow testing into our detection strategy, we are able to identify potential anomalies and proactively ensure that crucial user actions are possible. This approach also allows us to detect complex issues that go beyond the mere online status of the platform.

Incident Mitigation

Facing failure or outage incidents, Kasayo employs a well-structured incident mitigation approach that ensures swift response and efficient resolution.

Once an issue is identified, Kasayo promptly receives notifications across relevant communication channels. This enables us to initiate a response within minutes, facilitating prompt assessment, mitigation, and communication with the client.

Following initial assessment, our standard procedure often involves an immediate rollback to a previous stable state or a smooth transition to a secondary fallback system. This allows us to promptly implement fixes within minutes of the initial alert.

Addressing the Core Issue

Our incident mitigation strategies extend beyond quick fixes. We dig deep into the root cause of the incident to craft permanent solutions to proactively prevent future issues. This could encompass adjustments to code, configuration changes to third-party systems, or the addition of new systems to mitigate risks.

Sustainable Solutions and Root Cause Analysis

Beyond immediate fixes, we prioritize sustainable solutions. This includes a thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to comprehend the incident's origin and contributing factors. These insights inform continuous learning and improvements, guiding us to prevent similar incidents. Moreover, they influence the creation of training, drills, and documentation based on subsequent Post-Incident Reviews (PIRs).

Through this comprehensive approach to incident mitigation, we ensure not only swift issue resolution but also the cultivation of a resilient platform. This platform evolves based on continuous learning and improvement, strengthening its ability to handle challenges.

Delivering Tangible Outcomes: Near-Elimination of Downtime

Through the implementation of these steps and systems, the collaboration between IDC and Kasayo achieved a remarkable reduction in IDC's downtime, bringing it to nearly zero. This achievement has reverberated through several pivotal aspects:

Elevation in Customer Satisfaction

The transformational impact goes beyond the technical realm, translating into heightened customer satisfaction and an improved brand perception. The seamless and reliable experience has fostered positive customer sentiments, culminating in a more robust brand identity.

Safeguarding Revenue Streams

One of the most tangible results is the safeguarding of IDC's revenue. The concerted efforts and resilient platform have shielded IDC from substantial revenue losses that could have otherwise arisen due to downtime.

Commitment to Ongoing Enhancement

Our journey doesn't conclude with the current accomplishments. The commitment remains steadfast as we continue to refine and advance our systems. This unending dedication empowers our clients to flourish, adapt, and succeed in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Through strategic planning, vigilant monitoring, proactive mitigation, and the pursuit of continuous improvement, our collaboration has yielded significant outcomes. These outcomes reflect our unwavering dedication to nurturing stability, reliability, and prosperity for businesses like IDC.