Case StudyElevating Noa Climate's Mission: A Collaboration with Mattrs for Impactful Good

Teaming up with Mattrs, Kasayo embarked on an exciting journey to create a game-changing platform for nOa Climate. At its heart, nOa Climate is all about securing a sustainable future and ensuring the well-being of generations to come. They don't just see their products as items; they're engines of positive change for a cleaner world. The company's mission is to find solutions that meet our urgent needs without harming the environment. Based in Germany, nOa Climate designs, sells, and promotes a wide range of eco-friendly products for people and businesses. Plus, they're dedicated to supporting projects that restore harmony between society and nature through the use of sustainable goods.

Meet Mattrs

Mattrs is a creative agency with offices in Hamburg and Munich, specializing in brands, marketing, communication, and design. They're not just planners; they're doers who put plans into action with gusto. Their toolkit includes everything from crafting engaging content to thoughtful design, corporate publishing, and impactful campaigns.

Crafting a fresh identity

Kasayo and Mattrs teamed up to give nOa Climate a brand-new look and feel. With high standards for design and presentation, they aimed to make this project a standout success. Working closely, they brought the vision to life, overcoming exciting design and coding challenges. One of the key aspects was creating a unique color design system for the custom-built CMS, Sanity.

Spotlight on special elements

In this case study, we're excited to showcase some of the standout features that make this collaboration truly exceptional. It's a glimpse into the thought, effort, and creativity poured into capturing nOa Climate's mission through compelling visuals.

Animations and special displaying modes

Building upon our initial work with Mattrs, we refined the platform's design and functionalities. One module stood out as an intriguing challenge—blending intricate animations, flexible section displays, and fluid transitions of colors and styles that adapt to the active section.

CMS-powered animated elements

To enhance Noa's new platform, we've developed distinctive animated design features. Our goal was to ensure that both the quality and performance of these animations, especially when used throughout the platform, deliver stunning visuals, optimal performance, and fast loading speeds.

This challenge was particularly intriguing when working with elements that needed to be created entirely within the CMS.

Filtering & category system

Given the innovative nature of Noa Climate's products and projects, the FAQ section is of significant importance within the platform. Collaborating closely with Mattrs, we've devised a custom CMS-controlled filtering and category system meant to be expanded.

Improving the preview system

In the initial stages, our development began with a common and basic preview system. However, as we engaged further, we soon recognized the need to enhance the editing experience significantly in order to allow Noa Climate to properly leverage their new composable platform.

This realization prompted us to adopt a fresh approach. We explored Sanity's recently launched "preview-kit" and drew inspiration from it to revamp our preview system.

For a closer technical look at our journey and the new approach we've adopted, we invite you to read our comprehensive guide.

With great collaboration come great results

We would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful team at Mattrs. Working with you is always a pleasure, and we commend you for your expertise and excellent communication.

A big thank you also goes out to everyone at Noa Climate. Your hard work and dedication to your incredible project are highly commendable. We're excited to continue supporting you on this journey and look forward to what lies ahead.