Case StudyDesigning Pathways to Profit: kattbjoern's Ecommerce UX Evolution

From its inception, kattbjoern - one of the most iconic German backpack brands - has continuously pushed the boundaries of its brand identity and language, embracing change as a core value. Kasayo embarked on a journey alongside kattbjoern from day one, not just as developers but as partners in crafting an exceptional ecommerce experience. This collaboration involved the creation of a modern, robust ecommerce platform, which served as the foundation for Kattbjoern's journey to success.

In this case study, we spotlight some of the remarkable technical and visual milestones achieved by kattbjoern and Kasayo during their fruitful partnership.

As part of this transformative journey, Kasayo took charge of a comprehensive setup and optimization strategy, laying the groundwork for kattbjoern's digital growth. The project encompassed a range of critical elements, including:

  • Analytics Implementation: We meticulously integrated advanced analytics tools, providing kattbjoern with deep insights into user behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Conversion Tracking Setup: To measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts, we established precise conversion tracking mechanisms, empowering kattbjoern to gauge the impact of each strategy.
  • Technical SEO Enhancement: Our team honed the platform's technical SEO, boosting its visibility on search engines and security several crucial page one placements.
  • Ecommerce Schema Data: Leveraging structured data, we enriched kattbjoern's product listings, enhancing their appearance in search results and enriching user experience.
  • Innovative Features: We crafted specialized features like a custom per-product discount system, empowering kattbjoern to provide tailored pricing experiences to their customers. Additionally, we engineered an intricate preorder campaign system, incorporating multiple phases and dynamic product-specific discounts.
  • Visual Refreshes: Through numerous redesigns, Kasayo and kattbjoern collaboratively fine-tuned the brand's visual identity, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Enhancing the Product Journey

Our partnership with kattbjoern led to a revamped product page experience. We prioritized captivating visuals, ensuring each product image radiated its unique essence. Integrating videos alongside images added a new layer of depth, enabling you to truly understand the product's intricacies. Crucial information, such as delivery conditions and pricing, greeted you above-the-fold, eliminating unnecessary scrolling. We balanced media with finesse, creating an interactive dance between videos and images, all within intuitive sliders. Our approach also championed user feedback, underscoring the significance of real experiences shared through reviews and user-generated content. These collective efforts transformed kattbjoern's product pages into a captivating gateway to their exceptional offerings.

Optimizing Performance: Asset Delivery's Impact

Enhancing the ecommerce experience meant focusing on optimal asset delivery. Google & Deloitte's study "Milliseconds make Millions" emphasized the business value of fast loading times.

This initiative included incorporating high-performance video delivery powered by Mux, ensuring videos remained engaging. Meanwhile, image optimization techniques like progressive enhancement and AVIF formats elevated visual content.

Strategically using vector images with caching improved browsing interactions. A global content delivery network further minimized loading times.

Serverless hosting provided scalability with strong security. The modern CMS "Sanity" streamlined content management, contributing to a refined ecommerce journey for kattbjoern.


In this journey, an evolution of progress took center stage. Guided by technology and dedication, kattbjoern and Kasayo embarked on a path of continuous refinement. The focus was on enhancing user experience and conversion optimization, with each step contributing to the brand's growth.

A renewed platform emerged and today kattbjoern stands as a living testament to their journey. Through this commitment, they've enhanced their ability to better serve customers, fostering an environment where kattbjoern truly thrives.