Case StudyFrom Mont Blanc to The New York Times: Paige McClanahan's Digital Evolution with Kasayo

In the realm of digital storytelling, the journey of journalist & writer Paige McClanahan unfolds as a captivating narrative of evolution. With a distinguished portfolio that graces the pages of esteemed publications such as The Guardian and The New York Times, Paige's voice has resonated across continents. Yet, amid the grandeur of her journalistic achievements, her online presence remained a canvas awaiting transformation.

Nurturing Paige's Voice

We worked to empower Paige through practical avenues that aligned with her goals. We provided her with a digital home that felt uniquely her own—a place where her work and voice could resonate authentically. This also extended to a dedicated newsletter that facilitated direct communication with her audience.

Exploring new dimensions, we supported her podcasting endeavors, allowing her stories to reach audiences through a different medium. Amidst the dynamic landscape of online content, we ensured her continuous publications, maintaining her presence. Our web design approach drew inspiration from the tranquil Mont Blanc and the French Alps, infusing her online presence with an earthy aesthetic that echoed her surroundings. Through these steps, our aim was to amplify Paige's impact by creating a digital space that embraced her identity and aspirations.

Continuing the Narrative

As we draw the curtain on this phase of Paige McClanahan's digital journey, her story takes new turns. Presently, she's immersed in the final pages of a forthcoming book, dissecting the tourism industry with keen insights. Simultaneously, her digital footprint extends to the airwaves, where the third season of "The Better Travel Podcast" amplifies her voice on sustainable travel. Each endeavor stands as a testament to her commitment to thoughtful exploration and storytelling.